About the Book

cover final - CopyMatlock knew that he had to leave Tenby. He had to leave Tenby immediately…

Nineteen years old, mired in boredom, and going nowhere fast, Matlock knows that he must escape the confines of his stiflingly conventional hometown – or face the bleak reality of impending adulthood. The problem is, he has no idea where to go. But then a nihilistic encounter with someone else’s girlfriend at a house-party brings a new sense of urgency, and Matlock hits the road regardless, anywhere but here his only destination…

Travelling across the country in his battered old car, Matlock finds that he is not alone, and soon he is at the head of a ramshackle gang of the waifs and strays of Britain’s confused middle-class youth. Wending their way westwards through a damp English summer, Matlock, Phil, Joe, Robert and Danny – each with his own unspoken fears and insecurities – wrestle with big questions, small budgets and endless hangovers.

This is a story of friendship, self-discovery and tequila slammers, set on the borderlands of adulthood when the answer to everything seems almost in reach, somewhere along the next stretch of A-road…

Buy the book on Amazon now: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009UH8024


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